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Corporate Culture

1Idea: human-oriented

2、Purpose: making customer be satisfied until forever 

3Target: pursuing first-class forever

4Philosophy: success stems from perseverance

5、Policy: quality is  life

6、Spirit: preciseness, attention, dedicated,persistence

7、Essence: efficience and result co-exist 

 8Management: figure and result decide everything


1.Develop mission

Society mission

Promoting China peoples’industry,build international high-class brand.Stand out the profit tax increasing continuously,creating value for society.Utilizing talent recousing reasonably,develp ecocycly economy. Has the courage to take society responsibility,Sustaining public welfare undertaking of country.


Corperation mission

Creat value for society,staff,partner,dealer,customer.Grow up with staff and tragic cooperate partners.Innovate corperation managing and operating mechanism.Creat job opportunity.Foster excellent talent.Supply good product and favorourable service.


Industry mission

Lead the innovation of industry product and technology.Push honest management and market order.Persist industrial self regulation and accord development action.Push industry management and develop innovation.Lead industry advance into international market,Set the standard of the industrial product and mew consuming.


2.Core value

Customer First

market-oriented, Customer-centric,take the larger market by higher quality product and favourable service.Strive to acknowledge the demand of customers.Upgrade and improve our product and sevice continuously.


Honesty and Efficiency

Being a honest human being,work steadily. be honest and candid to each other,keep promise and make good on promise, has the courage to take responsibility



Never Feel Complacent,innovation and seek higher target continuously,Push the developing and progressing of company.

Improving continuously,encourage the innovation.Seeking new methods,study and share new knowledge and management conception.


People oriented

Trust and respect each employee and fulfil their potencial.Common development..Success Sharing.Esteem talent,assign compensation and developing qpptunity reasonably,provider good environment for employee,provide advanced study and train opptunity.Growing up with staff.


Excute First

Attiude decided by excuting,capability decided by efficiency.Work completely and in place,insuring the quality and efficiency of the aim achieving.Set mind on working in highest speed and in best efficiency.


3.Corperation spirit

Employee spirit

Sincere, synergic,steady,modest.staff just like the brand.Look on increasing management standard as the first wealth.Do a large number of trifle then can succeeding in great thing.


Professional ethics

Cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to workWork Energetically

Unit Four Choose the Job, Love the Jobstudy the Job;

Make more exchanges,make more consult,make more learn;

Act as quickly,as possible,report as brief as possible;

Responsible, Conscientiousness.


Service spirit

Look on the satisfactory of the customers as the standard,Everything we do is striving for client and holding together with client.


4.Management policy

Quality policy

Manage honestly,quality priority.


Action policy

legal compliance, be honest and upright, fairness and honesty, correctitude, neither haughty nor humble,do not despise others.


Staff policy

Self-confident,zealous,correct aesthetic ,identify the True or false,sunny attitude, to make up for each other's deficiencies, generosity,practice literacy, character Counts.


The policy of Affair dealing with


Higher Competency,higher step,higher responsibility,higher respond. Good at working,succeeding in working,do not happened accident.


People employing policy

people oriented,competency prior to diploma,longevity,achievement prior to evaluation,fruit prior to process.